Streetwear : Off-White SS15 by Virgil Abloh

Fridays tend to be my inspiration day. For some reason the end of the (business) week makes me look back, see what I have accomplished – or not – and feel a strong urge to move forward. More so, to move somewhere that inspires me. This need ends up leading to a natural openness towards what others are doing, to the inspiration that moves around us all the time.

Virgil Abloh‘s collection “Off White” is what inspired me today. Now, I am not exactly a streetwear follower or lover. However, and this is the reason why Mr. Abloh made it to Friday’s Post, good work, talent and vision is something we can never ignore.


An architect, an engineer and the creative director of Kanye West, Virgil Abloh keeps on proving that his talents are not dictated by his degree. Oh that sounds familiar! And he has been giving quite a lot of attention to the fashion industry and to how he can make a statement and have a voice in what seems to be “a pretty crowded room”.

“The main goal is to transcend the street rationale and apply true design concept to graphic menswear using the best fabrics and techniques to communicate the brand’s identity.” (Virgil Abloh)

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