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#LisbonFashionWeek LEGACY – Day 3 Summary

Just like that… it is Day 3, the last day of Lisbon Fashion Week.  If like me you have been to previous editions, in Lisbon or any other city, you know how important… Continue reading

St. John NY. A 5th Ave. experience.

People say New York is the city where anything and everything can happen. I don’t know what your opinion is, but as far as I am concerned this couldn’t be closer to the… Continue reading

MY H&M Look #2: Pleated Top and Structured Skirt

In the Fashion Industry, there are words you get used to. Still, each season there are a few that become Key Words. Pleated and Structured are part of that group, and with that in… Continue reading

New week – and posts – around the corner!

As I worked on my posts for this week, I realized how excited I am about each and every one of them. So a heads-up seemed to be appropriate, after all, I like… Continue reading


Levi’s® Revel; shapes, lifts and defines the body with patent-pending liquid shaping technology When last year I had the chance to go Amsterdam International Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of meeting the fabulous… Continue reading

Brand alert! The Property of…

Remember when you were a kid and everything you owned had your name on it with a red marker? Sure you do. I do too. Our names were in every single belonging making… Continue reading

Moda Lisboa TRUST – Day 3 | Alves.Vieira.WhiteTent.

NEXT PAGE by Dino Alves For the first time the room was sent in a different way so it is safe to say that we were all pretty curious about what could happen.… Continue reading

ModaLisboa TRUST – Day 2 | Nuno Baltazar

Near the end of the day, I thought it would be hard for my brain to process and be excited about another set of looks for the Winter; but then again, it is… Continue reading

ModaLisboa TRUST – Day 2 | Act III

As promised, I am back with more of the Moda Lisboa/Lisbon Fashion Week looks and collections that kept my eager eyes stuck to the catwalk and my head moving, hipnotised, as the models… Continue reading

ModaLisboa TRUST – Day 2 | Act II

For all of us who love fashion and art in general, it is hard to accept we could have something like a sugar rush from “eating too much of it”. Well, ladies and… Continue reading