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We arrived at Museu da Marinha (National Navy Museum) in a perfect sunny Sunday for AWAY TOMARS and NAIR XAVIER show. Both collection cause quite the impact thanks to the choice of fabrics,… Continue reading

ModaLisboa Curiouser | Day 1 | Ricardo Andrez

Ricardo Andrez is a designer that always causes me mixed feelings during his shows. I fall madly in love with some things but others I simply can’t understand or see his vision. Today, however,… Continue reading

Moda Lisboa Curiouser | Day 1 | Sangue Novo

One of the many wonderful things about fashion week – no matter when, no matter where – is that your expectation is always high, and your mind is free to absorb all the… Continue reading

LisbonFashionWeek: The Confashionary & Portugal Confidential Partner up!

There are two times of the year where fashionistas in every form and style fly from capital to capital in flocks of beautiful designer feathers. I call it the Fashion Week Season. For… Continue reading

All I want for summer is… Katty Xiomara | #PF Day3

Love at first sight? Yes, it exists and it happened at Katty Xiomara runway show. Inspired by the 1960’s with the pixie dresses, the 1940’s with the midi skirts, the romantic blouses and… Continue reading

#PortugalFashion Day 3 | 16 Shows in 1 Post

Third day of Portugal Fashion was a long, long day. I said it before and I say it again. As much fun as it is to attend a fashion week, it is much… Continue reading

#PortugalFashion Day 2 | Part 3 | Daniela Barros & Hugo Costa

The day came to an end with the following designers: DANIELA BARROS As much as I love national fashion and national designers, I have to admit I love to see a collection where… Continue reading

#PortugalFashion Day 2 |Part 2 | Susana Bettencourt & Estelita Mendonça

After a short break to go backstage and talk to designers and get a closer look and feel of the clothes and fabrics, the show went on. This is what we were shown… Continue reading

#PortugalFashion| Day 2 | Carla Pontes & Mafalda Fonseca

I arrived at Porto and headed to the Ipanema Park Hotel where I was warmly welcomed. If you have never been to Portugal, I have to stress how wonderful people from the North… Continue reading

#PortugalFashion… Here I come!

It has been a busy week but finally I get to take the train to beautiful Porto and enjoy the fashion scene in a city that is so special to me. /Foi uma… Continue reading