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Style: 6 Sneakers Fall Looks for you

Right before highschool I was the closest you’d get to a Miss Sports. I was involved in pretty much every and any sports my school had. So sneakers were a big part of… Continue reading

Streetwear : Off-White SS15 by Virgil Abloh

Fridays tend to be my inspiration day. For some reason the end of the (business) week makes me look back, see what I have accomplished – or not – and feel a strong… Continue reading

Skirts: Mini, Midi, Maxi… and More!

Every season there is THE item that guarantees that no matter where you go, what accessories you put on, or what hairstyle&makeup you go for, it will make you shine. Do you know… Continue reading

StreetStyle or Designer: Who sets the trends?

I am sure we all know the question: Who comes first: the egg or the chicken? It seems when it comes to StreetStyle the question is the same: is the style from the… Continue reading

Barcelona Street Style