Do you dress for your body type?

The Winter ended so no more hiding under layers of jackets, trench coats, knit, scarfs and hats is no longer an options. Whatever figure you have, should be proudly shown! But perhaps you are thinking: How can I do that?

That is the purpose of this post!


We tend to think in terms of skinny vs fat but, ladies, there is not what body types is about and learning how to dress to yours has nothing to do with weight. The experts organized all the above (and more) body types into 4 different categories:


If your hips and shoulders have the same with; you are tall; you are either think or athletic… this is you!

  • YOU SHOULD WEAR… items that accentuate your femininity, accentuate your bust and, since you are blessed with a body shape designers love, use and abuse of flowy and puffy skirts or dresses; belts are also a way of creating the illusion of curves and, finally, play with volumes – a pencil skirt with a nice top with puffy sleeves gives dimension to your body.

Who shares this shape with you? Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson.



If your upper body is wider than your lower body; your bust if full; your shoulders are broad; you have killer legs…join the club!

  • YOU SHOULD WEAR… necklines that (classy) show your bust, boat cut or one shoulder can be interesting options; peplum tops are trendy and give a nice twist in shapes and volumes. Show your legs with  short dresses and skirts, cute leggings and shorts. Add belts – obi belts are nice choices – to break a more square dress. Avoid the middle section if your tummy is not your pride and joy and stay away from square jackets, they will do little for you.

Who shares this shape with you? Drew Barrymore, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Oprah, Jennifer Hudson, Tyra Banks.


If your lower body (hips) is wider than your upper body; you have a bit of a booty; your bust is normally small-medium…welcome!

  • YOU SHOULD WEAR…(if you are uncomfortable with your hips and booty) A-line skirts, straight pants and more rectangular shaped dresses. (if you love the way you are) pencil skirts, envelop dresses, maxi dresses that will fit you beautifully and flatter your body so much. To balance it, wear darker colors in the bottom and brighter colors in the top; cleavages and strapless dresses and tops will value your petite shoulders and bust and make your figure much more interesting.

Who shares this shape with you? Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Shakira


If your upper and lower body are close to the same width; your waist is narrow; you are curvy; you are vulouptous… time to shine!

  • YOU SHOULD WEAR…this is a special body type, naturally voluptous and it easy to be over-sexy. BUT, do not hide your curves and shape, show them off with class! Again, pencil skirts and heart shaped neckline are interesting, carefull with too short skirts/dresses, but use them smartly with a blazer or a boat cut neckline. Avoid using deep clivage and short skirts – too much leg and bust is indeed too much. Break the sexy with peplum tops and also skirts.

Who shares this shape with you? Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek

Bottom line – literally – enhance the best parts of your figure and make the most of the trends that work for you, there are enough to chose from!


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Photo mix by Confashionista and selected from the collections of  ZARA, Mango, SuperTrash, Berska and Blanco – these brands have online shops and accessories to make your look perfect and you shine!