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We arrived at Museu da Marinha (National Navy Museum) in a perfect sunny Sunday for AWAY TOMARS and NAIR XAVIER show. Both collection cause quite the impact thanks to the choice of fabrics,… Continue reading

ModaLisboa Curiouser | Day 1 | Ricardo Andrez

Ricardo Andrez is a designer that always causes me mixed feelings during his shows. I fall madly in love with some things but others I simply can’t understand or see his vision. Today, however,… Continue reading

Moda Lisboa Curiouser | Day 1 | Sangue Novo

One of the many wonderful things about fashion week – no matter when, no matter where – is that your expectation is always high, and your mind is free to absorb all the… Continue reading

Inspired by | Edgar Mosa Jewelry

  About a year ago, I had the privilege of going to the exhibition of Edgar Mosa, a talented Portuguese Jeweler. His inspiring work and his creative approach to such specific materials moved me.… Continue reading

The Bloomsbury Girls – Burberry Prosum Fall 2014

This week I misplaced my phone charger, so, for one entire day I could not be contacted by anyone. Guess what? It was liberating. This obviously made me think, yet again, about how… Continue reading

Sorcha O’Raghallaigh: Avant-garde Safety Pins

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” It is not the first time an artist looks at an ordinary article and sees something else, has a vision that translates into something memorable, remarkable. Yesterday I… Continue reading

Print takes a new Road by Elisabeth LeCourt

The word Print has been on everybody’s lips, on every magazine and every blog these last seasons. Today, however, I want to share something I stumbled upon a while ago. An artistic approach… Continue reading

080 Barcelona Fashion 9th Edition

080 Barcelona Fashion is not just another fashion week. This one aims to bring to light and celebrate the very best of Catalonia designers. Barcelona is the unquestionable center of stage for this  event… Continue reading