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Looking back to look forward

I was saving these photos for a special day. That day is today. My dear and talented friend Ana Luísa took them on the saddest day of 2015. I was heartbroken and she… Continue reading

Blogger with a stolen laptop? What to do next!

It sucks! The moment I realized my laptop was gone, that someone had entered my car simply to steal it, along with my favorite sparkly blazer, my favorite grey dress, my makeup bag,… Continue reading

Is Social Media pressure killing your Inspiration?

Remember when you were 15 and you felt like your parents where way too demanding and that killed your free spirit? This thought brought me to an analogy with how Social Media can be equally… Continue reading

Looking Back on 2014… Gratitude.

2014 was a tough year. It challenged me in more ways than I can write down in this post, and it made me constantly ask this question: How bad do you really want… Continue reading

Photography: Tribal by Sebastian Kim

The Vietnamese born, half-Korean and half-Chinese, the presently NYC based photographer Sebastian Kim is one you can’t ignore. Shooting for top brands and top magazines, his work is everywhere. With a strong photographic… Continue reading

Streetwear : Off-White SS15 by Virgil Abloh

Fridays tend to be my inspiration day. For some reason the end of the (business) week makes me look back, see what I have accomplished – or not – and feel a strong… Continue reading

Oscar de la Renta | Loss of an Icon

With an open smile and a handful of talent, Oscar de la Renta, an incredible and worldwide recognized designer died yesterday in NYC at the age of 82, after a lifetime of creation… Continue reading

Eddy Anemian | H&M Design Award 2014

“I cut up floral fabric I found from the ’80s and recomposed it to make a new textured, striped material. From there I began to imagine the shapes that would work on a… Continue reading

Chris Nicholls: Fashion Photography&Illustration

Over the last months I have been looking with a good deal of interest towards Fashion Illustrators. This is a job that is remarkably more common in the USA or UK than it… Continue reading

5 Tips to get your inspiration back

Yesterday I was sitting in front of my computer, I wrote 3 different posts and I published zero. Something wasn’t quite right. Me, most likely. There are days, whatever your work is, where… Continue reading