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MadameFigaro: i-mad Issue 37 Online Creativity

  It is undeniable that nowadays magazines need to combine a strong online presence and identity to their print identity in order to survive. Still, it is far from easy to include the… Continue reading


Over the past weeks my email has been bombarded with DIESEL related content: new men’s collection, new women’s collection, runway show in Venice and more! When I was ready to write about all something… Continue reading

Moss-Testino, perfect mix!

This one is an oldie, I know! Not Kate. The edition! For the December 2012 cover, Vogue Espana made, what I like to think a perfect wedding between model – Kate Moss –… Continue reading

Special Dates

We are the things we live, the people we meet, the ones we love. Our life starts before we are aware of it and very few memories from that beginning stay, clearly, with… Continue reading

Art is… Dance! Pedro e Inês by Olga Roriz

Pedro met Inês when he met his wife to be, Constança. They became lovers before either could prevent it. Willing to give everything and everyone away for the woman who now owned his… Continue reading

English National Ballet and Vivienne Westwood

This post is for my sister; a beautiful, graceful and talented ballet dancer that moves me and inspires me. For their rebranding, the English National Ballet invited the brilliant British designer Vivienne Westwood… Continue reading