In Fashion, as we move forward, it is inevitable to look back, study the old traditions, the history of clothing and finding inspiration in the past, in cultures, in traditions.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why, when looking at the catwalks, we feel like we are travelling to ancient cultures, tribal universes, and color&print immersed realities. The Asian culture has been one of those that constantly inspired fashion designers. Their cut, their lines, their prints, their style.



One of the key pieces that has traveled from past and present Japan to our Western culture and styling is the Kimono. An item as versatile as its simple meaning: a Thing (MONO) to Wear (KI)Leave it to the Japanese to make Art out of Simplicity!

With a rich variety of colors, fabrics and prints, the Kimono is also rich in its variety of uses. From every day life to exquisite events, this clothing item has served both Men and Women for centuries. In spite of its almost exclusive association to Geishas, the Kimono is for the traditional Japan what jeans are to the Western culture.

Each part of this simple yet intricate item of clothing has a meaning and utility to allow its wearer a complete achievement of their daily activities. How often do you one piece with so many parts?


Moving all the way up to 2014 and taking a look at the modern approach to a classic and elegant piece, in a more or less obvious interpretation of the Kimono, it is up to you to adapt it to your own style. How?

As a Jacket…

As a Dress…

As an Overall…

… the color, print and length options are almost infinite, and as unexpected as it might seem, you can add it to any of your styles, from boho-chic, to classy, to rock&roll, to smart-casual. Just pick the print, the color, the length and make your look go from cute to trendy!

To the Japanese we say: Domo arigatou gozaimashita!