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Photography: Role Play by Steven Meisel

“Over the course of his illustrious career, Steven Meisel has collaborated with major fashion publications, fromVanity Fair to Interview, W Magazine, and Vogue, and Vogue Italia, for whom he has photographed every cover… Continue reading

Art has a new home: 39a Concept Store

39a Concept Store. Is it a Gallery? A Store? A Gin Bar? A Boutique? What is it? All of those and more, much more. Lisbon has a new place for who wants more than… Continue reading

Chanel and Gisele

Long is day when perfume ads where just little something that lasted 1 minute and was there to simply fill the blanks. Oh no! Now making a perfume ad is almost as special… Continue reading

Nelson Viera captures Eureka Shoes FW14/15

My Mother and Father made sure that while we grew up, my sister and I experienced as much cultural and artistic stimuli. I was about eight when we went to a local photography… Continue reading

MadameFigaro: i-mad Issue 37 Online Creativity

  It is undeniable that nowadays magazines need to combine a strong online presence and identity to their print identity in order to survive. Still, it is far from easy to include the… Continue reading

Inspired by | Edgar Mosa Jewelry

  About a year ago, I had the privilege of going to the exhibition of Edgar Mosa, a talented Portuguese Jeweler. His inspiring work and his creative approach to such specific materials moved me.… Continue reading

My H&M Bonus Look: The Layered Panel Dress

When selecting all the outfits at the H&M Showroom, this last look caught my eye. After the elegant structured skirt, the sensual tube dress and the dreamy midi skirt, I wanted to go… Continue reading

Singh. A Sikh journey by Amit and Naroop

When I was 17, I carried with me an orange indian scarf with golden details in the edges everywhere I went. It was a gift from an Indian friend to my mother. One… Continue reading

Sorcha O’Raghallaigh: Avant-garde Safety Pins

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” It is not the first time an artist looks at an ordinary article and sees something else, has a vision that translates into something memorable, remarkable. Yesterday I… Continue reading

Weekend: Reading at the Beach

Even though everyone says that print magazines are an endagered species (click to read), I keep on buying them, collecting them even. I also keep on wanting to become a real fashion journalist writing for a… Continue reading