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Mary Katrantzou x Adidas Originals

It is no secret that the sporty look has left the fields and tracks and conquered the streets. Street style blogs bring evidence to the fact that sports apparel have made it to… Continue reading

For rainy days, stylish Boots

One of the best things about Summer is being able to wear heels, flats, wedges, sandals and literally everything that brings everyone’s eyes to your feet. You can play with colors, shapes and… Continue reading

The Sneaker Truth

I have never been a sneakers kind of gal.Well, exception be made to the time before highschool when I played all sorts of sports. As soon as my fashion identity developed it was… Continue reading

Boots Out!

Left. Left, Left-Right-Left. Fashiiioooon. halt! The boot season was announce a few months in the runways of the world. We saw the boots; we wanted the boots; but we had to wait for Summer… Continue reading


For those of you that did not quite realize the “Under my Skin by Confashionista | Shoes of Prey” post had a contest in it, here is a “postminder”. Go to the post… Continue reading

Shoe of Prey, The designer is…YOU!

Four words: design your perfect shoes. Since 2009, we’ve been making flats, heels, wedges, sandals and more that you can’t get anywhere else – because they’re designed by you, for you. The process… Continue reading