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African Turban How to: with Nadir Tati and Sharam Diniz

Did you always wanted to get the African Turban right but you don’t know how? Neither did I. But talented Angolan Fashion Designer (mentioned in Forbes Magazine) Nadir Tati and Angolan model Sharam… Continue reading

Ethnic Inspiration #1: Stella Jean

I am not sure if it is because I am in Africa… I mean, who am I kidding? It is because I am in Africa that I spend a good deal of time… Continue reading

Oscar de la Renta | Loss of an Icon

With an open smile and a handful of talent, Oscar de la Renta, an incredible and worldwide recognized designer died yesterday in NYC at the age of 82, after a lifetime of creation… Continue reading

Eddy Anemian | H&M Design Award 2014

“I cut up floral fabric I found from the ’80s and recomposed it to make a new textured, striped material. From there I began to imagine the shapes that would work on a… Continue reading

Inspiration: Luís Carvalho FW 14/15 Blurred Nature

Elite Model Look Portugal 2014 Finale took place Sunday 5th, and I had the pleasure to attend this key event for the Portuguese fashion industry. The finalists wore Luís Carvalho Blurred Nature Fall-Winter 2014/15… Continue reading

John Galliano: Maison Martin Margiela Creative Director

When in 2011 the anti-semitic comments by John Galliano  made the top stories on the news, it was safe to say that the world thought it was witnessing the end of a fashion… Continue reading

Sorcha O’Raghallaigh: Avant-garde Safety Pins

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” It is not the first time an artist looks at an ordinary article and sees something else, has a vision that translates into something memorable, remarkable. Yesterday I… Continue reading

Giorgio Armani

ROYAL DE LUXE Autant qu’on s’en souvienne, Giorgio Armani, surnommé «Il Re» («le Roi»), a toujours donné cette impression de savoir exactement où il allait. Cet homme à la tête du dernier empire… Continue reading