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Model Nykhor Paul “Shouts Out” to the fashion industry

My skin complexion is not light enough to be a problem nor dark enough to be a problem. I call it the perfect caramel tone. This means that it is quite easy for… Continue reading

MY H&M Look #2: Pleated Top and Structured Skirt

In the Fashion Industry, there are words you get used to. Still, each season there are a few that become Key Words. Pleated and Structured are part of that group, and with that in… Continue reading

Beauty: Showing off your Lips!

I have full lips! And I love them! My chinese friend in Utrecht used to call them “Angelina Jolie Lips”, in Brasil they call it “Bocão” (big mouth/lips), in Portugal they are “African”.… Continue reading

Beauty Tips | BB by Maybelline

For me the secret of a perfect foundation is: Invisibility. No obvious The Mask face and a perfect blend with my own skin color. Smoothness. Baby face, velvety look that makes the skin… Continue reading

How do you say makeup in Polish?

If you do not know this brand because you’ve never been to Poland – or to any of their 300 stores spread through all continents – this is the time to change the… Continue reading

Beauty Tip | Powders and Bronzers for the Summer

yesterday at dinner a friend said “I love your make-up style. What is your foundation brand?”. she was surprise to hear I do not use foundation; loose powder or powder pearls only. I absolutely… Continue reading