Menswear: Smart Traveling with Travelteq

You could think that because I lived in Holland I developed a soft spot for every Dutch brand. It is slightly true. However, and very much like my post on Streetwear by Virgil Abloh, if the brand is good it should be rightfully mentioned here.

That is the case of Travelteq.


A Dutch vegetable-tanned leather bags(*) brand and their focus is to create beautiful stylish and smart travel bags, from trolleys to laptop bags. Being a group of travelers they know and understand exactly the travel needs and the demands of moving around while carrying some of your precious items, favorite pieces with you.

One of the best things about dealing with experts is that they know exactly what they are talking about. When it comes to traveling, Travelteq is your go-to bag expert. See why:


Travelers for Travelers, is part of their message. This suitcase or trolley is a clear example of all details being taken into account.  The quality of their bags has been attracting more than just business man. Just recently Travelteq started a collaboration with the hotel chain CitizenM and here are some of the images of their campaign.

From a feminine point of view, these gentlemen look quite stylish so, these bags are definitely an eye catcher.

Well done Travelteq Team!

(*) vegetable-tanned leather means that the colors of the leather materials are tanned using tannins from vegetable matter like tree bark.

Thank you to SpicePR for the Press Release on the brand and access to the info and images.

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