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Cara quits modelling. What does it really mean?

Cara Delevingne has made a name for herself, almost kicking off the map her stylish sister Poppy. Top brands, designers, photographers and magazines wanted this young and beautiful woman with strong features, so… Continue reading

Model Nykhor Paul “Shouts Out” to the fashion industry

My skin complexion is not light enough to be a problem nor dark enough to be a problem. I call it the perfect caramel tone. This means that it is quite easy for… Continue reading

Desigual: Campaign with beautiful vitiligo model

A lot has been said and done to show how important it is to take whatever makes you different and walk tall and proud. Whether it is your body shape, your curves or… Continue reading

Inspiration: Sizeless Beauty

When I was about 11 years old, people at school used to make fun of my full lips. I remember one day coming home and crying as I told my mother that I… Continue reading

Inspiration: Beauty in a wrinkle

During Lisbon Fashion Week there was a lot of fuss around a beautiful woman that opened the runway show. With a fantastic healthy body she was not, nor meant to, be a model. Smilingly… Continue reading

Chanel and Gisele

Long is day when perfume ads where just little something that lasted 1 minute and was there to simply fill the blanks. Oh no! Now making a perfume ad is almost as special… Continue reading

MY H&M Look #2: Pleated Top and Structured Skirt

In the Fashion Industry, there are words you get used to. Still, each season there are a few that become Key Words. Pleated and Structured are part of that group, and with that in… Continue reading

My H&M Look: The Midi 1950’s Skirt!

In July I had the pleasure of photographing 4 elegant, feminine and beautiful looks by H&M. This is the first one./ Em Julho tive o prazer de fotografar 4 looks elegantes, femininos e… Continue reading

Product Review: KIKO Body Skin Glow

One of the things I always loved was testing new beauty products. Whether hair, skin, nails or lips, I was always up for it. This Summer, for my beach holidays with the family… Continue reading

Beauty: Showing off your Lips!

I have full lips! And I love them! My chinese friend in Utrecht used to call them “Angelina Jolie Lips”, in Brasil they call it “Bocão” (big mouth/lips), in Portugal they are “African”.… Continue reading