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2 years of Confashionary

Two years ago, I was sitting in my room in beautiful, sunny and warm Barcelona searching for a name that suited me as a newborn blogger: Confessionary + Fashion gave birth to The… Continue reading

Show off Your Legs! (Episode II)

Mini skirts! Mini dresses! Mini. Mini. Mini! Your legs will love it and everyone around you too! Since their 1st appearance they have been the world’s sweetheart and this Spring they will continue… Continue reading

Why is it important to stop?

If you follow my blog you noticed that for the past 4 weeks I wrote little to nothing. But why? There are always things to do, places to be, expectations to meet. So, I… Continue reading

My skin. My canvas.

What if we ran out of fabric?   ‘Tatau‘ in Polynesian. Tattoo in English. Art form in all languages. An art that uses the skin as its only fabric and the imagination and talent of… Continue reading

If I was a goodie bag

… I would want to be filled with the best possible things! During AFW I, naturally, collected a few goodie bags and out of all of them, I have to say that the… Continue reading

Love letters… from De Bijenkorf

On my way to work the other day I was looking at De Bijenkorf windows and after reading the first one I was… smiling! For the Valentine’s Season, De Bijenkorf decided to make… Continue reading

TheConfashionary has a FB Page

  I will not deny it, it took some convincing work, but eventually (some would say, finally!)  it did get through. The Confashionary now has a Facebook Page: Confashionista, and in the spirit… Continue reading

White days in UGG

8:00am. Utrecht. I open my window to a land of white. The soccer field lost its springy green to welcome the wintery white. The trees “coated” up for the day, it is a… Continue reading