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Brand alert! The Property of…

Remember when you were a kid and everything you owned had your name on it with a red marker? Sure you do. I do too. Our names were in every single belonging making… Continue reading

Show Off Your Legs! (Episode I)

If you had to pick, what would be the favorite part of the female body? You may like other parts of the female body, you may like other parts f your own body… Continue reading

Harper’s Bazaar Spring Cover is… Kate Winslet!

One of my favourite magazines features in the cover one of mt favourite actresses in some of the most beautiful photos I have seen in the spring magazines. Trust you’ll agree it meets… Continue reading

The Liebster Award

It is the season of awards and the best awards are the ones we receive from our peers, the ones that relate to what we do, to what we love and to what… Continue reading

Special Dates

We are the things we live, the people we meet, the ones we love. Our life starts before we are aware of it and very few memories from that beginning stay, clearly, with… Continue reading

Favorite Oscars Looks

If you follow my blog you will notice that I rarely, to avoid saying never, write about celebrities’ fashion looks, dos and don’ts, faux pax or perfect looks. However, The Oscars do deserve a special… Continue reading

Margreeth Olsthoorn: Avelon Shop-in-Shop

Going alone to a place where you don’t know anyone is hard. But let’s make it double hard, shall we? Going alone to a place where you know no one and you don’t… Continue reading

English National Ballet and Vivienne Westwood

This post is for my sister; a beautiful, graceful and talented ballet dancer that moves me and inspires me. For their rebranding, the English National Ballet invited the brilliant British designer Vivienne Westwood… Continue reading

AFW Winter2013: Melissa Siegrist tuned by DenTex Music

Front row seats for Dylon present Melissa Siegrist Menswear FW Collection at the Amsterdam Fashion Week last day. I was pretty excited! We were welcomed to the Transformatorhuis Room by the sound of DenTex guitar playing at… Continue reading

Weekend plans? Easy! AmsterdamFashionWeek

Dear readers, The adventure with Amsterdam Fashion Week January 2013 edition adventure is far, far from being over. The weekend will surely be busy and during this cold snowy season I have a couple of friends… Continue reading