Cara quits modelling. What does it really mean?

Cara Delevingne has made a name for herself, almost kicking off the map her stylish sister Poppy. Top brands, designers, photographers and magazines wanted this young and beautiful woman with strong features, so much so that even her eyebrows created a trend.



After many years in the industry, after reaching the top quicker and faster than many who started before her, after the rumors, Cara finally told the world she was done with modelling.

If I stopped here this could be just a “Oh well! Pitty” kind of story. However, we are not talking about mood changes, or of a spoiled brat suddenly deciding on a whim to try something else, like this is an ice cream store and she wants to try a new flavor.

The very beautiful, fresh and funny Cara, who brought so much personality to the catwalk as she did to her photo shoots, felt unfit, was pressured about weight and beauty, so much so that her body burst into psoriasis.

I have experienced times where my body screamed so loudly that I had to stop and listen. It seems Cara did just that. There was something wrong and if getting back on her feet meant leaving modelling behind and saying farewell to the Kate-Moss-Successor crown that waiting for her… so be it!

Will she regret it? Will she change her mind? Will she miss it more than she is drained by it? No one knows.

Of course this raises I don’t know how many questions: if she is “unfit”, what about the rest of the world? what is the fashion industry doing to people in it? Etc. etc. But instead of dwelling into that – so many journalists and bloggers done it already – what I see is how much Fashion is changing.

An industry that is constantly reinventing itself in colors and fabrics, is now facing challenges that are far from its control, human challenges. Men and women, boys and girls know what they want, who they are and above all what and who they are not better than ever before. This is the era of entrepreneurs, visionaries, Insta-stars, 24/7 connection around the globe. This generation is one of Identity. And a strong one, for sure.

No wonder fear is being left behind and, much like in a chess game, we are not afraid of making a move and taking down the Queen.

For whatever long it may last, Cara, true to herself, embraced a new trend: Taking the driver’s seat in life!

And I am all up for that.

Love, Petra