Art has a new home: 39a Concept Store

39a Concept Store. Is it a Gallery? A Store? A Gin Bar? A Boutique? What is it? All of those and more, much more.


Lisbon has a new place for who wants more than a standardized experience of shopping and gallery. In the heart of the city’s business area, Marquês do Pombal, the talented Raquel Prates imagined a place where Art, Design and Creativity could find a home. At the end of October this vision came to life.

A unique place where national brands and new designers can promote their work, where well established brands sell their exclusive products and where art is exhibited. That would sum up 39a Concept Store. But if that was not enough, there is more to it. If you are thinking pop-up store, forget it! That couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me break it down to you:

A Store because… you can buy from all the brands present. From handmade colorful pieces by Ladrón de Arte, to fantastic bodies by Nizza, to glamorous collections by Pink Maison or In-Mage, to  classic cologne and soaps by Claus Porto, to vintage leather bags by Manjerica, to 70’s inspired hats by No Type and beautiful handmade jewelery by Carolina Curato. Plenty of options.

A Concept because… this is a space that aims to capture the movement, the dynamics, the energy of our days; its constant mutation and evolution. Art, very much like ourselves, ever transformed, will find room and ways to express itself  within these walls. Different artists will be invited to show their work, sing their songs, read their books. A graffiti by Gonçalo Mar and an installation by João Murillo own the space.

The promise? To constantly innovate, surprise, exceed expectations. Bring back the old brands and make them new; bring awareness to the new brands and make them exclusive; bring us, citizens of a busy city, together to enjoy it and our artists together.

And if art is not your thing nor is dressing up, come for Gin Sul, a national brand that will guarantee a nice end to your busy day.


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