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Black Friday is here!

In case you are wondering what Black Friday is… this is the day after Thanksgiving and when the Christmas shopping season starts. Now that you are clear on what this day is about,… Continue reading

How to say Vintage in Dutch? IJhallen!

Saturday 2nd March, the Vintage adventure began! 7:15am: Get up. Get dressed. Eat something quickly. 8:00-8:25am: Take the bus. Buy train ticket to Amsterdam Centraal. Meet Sheelagh. Take the train.  At 9:45am I… Continue reading

ConfSCOOP | Sunday 24th Edition

FIRST “OPEN STORES SUNDAY” IN UTRECHT We can’t really say that the decision to have stores open on Sundays came, exactly, wrapped with a consensus bow, but, in spite of the frowned faces… Continue reading

Next on H&M… Maison Martin Margiela

2004 was the year of illumination for H&M when it hit them that collaborations with designers was the way to go. 9 years later, the moment of inspiration has proved, over and over… Continue reading


For those of you that did not quite realize the “Under my Skin by Confashionista | Shoes of Prey” post had a contest in it, here is a “postminder”. Go to the post… Continue reading

Winter Window (or not) Shopping

Brrr… the sunny blue skied days with a very chilly breeze have finally arrived and I get to take the lovely coats, the gloves, the furry scarfs off to wrap myself, like little presents and… Continue reading

This weekend | Primark Spree

Roxanne. Tess. Jorinde. Petra. The Fantastic Four in the search of a good closet item for a great budget price. Date: Saturday Oct. 6th. Destination: Primark. Mission:Accomplished.   Jorinde was, without a doubt the most excited… Continue reading

Sales survival 1-on-1

WHAT TO WEAR? * Comfortable clothes. * Basics – not the day to be fancy – something you can try other things on top. * Comfortable shoes – you need to move fast.… Continue reading