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 “Find the One Bra” Disney inspired add by Triumph 

As a little girl I remember watching Disney movies, learning the songs and singing them everywhere. As I grew up, little has changed. The stories and songs kept on being party of my… Continue reading


We arrived at Museu da Marinha (National Navy Museum) in a perfect sunny Sunday for AWAY TOMARS and NAIR XAVIER show. Both collection cause quite the impact thanks to the choice of fabrics,… Continue reading

ModaLisboa Curiouser | Day 1 | Ricardo Andrez

Ricardo Andrez is a designer that always causes me mixed feelings during his shows. I fall madly in love with some things but others I simply can’t understand or see his vision. Today, however,… Continue reading

Moda Lisboa Curiouser | Day 1 | Sangue Novo

One of the many wonderful things about fashion week – no matter when, no matter where – is that your expectation is always high, and your mind is free to absorb all the… Continue reading

LisbonFashionWeek: The Confashionary & Portugal Confidential Partner up!

There are two times of the year where fashionistas in every form and style fly from capital to capital in flocks of beautiful designer feathers. I call it the Fashion Week Season. For… Continue reading

Is Social Media pressure killing your Inspiration?

Remember when you were 15 and you felt like your parents where way too demanding and that killed your free spirit? This thought brought me to an analogy with how Social Media can be equally… Continue reading

Ethnic Inspiration #1: Stella Jean

I am not sure if it is because I am in Africa… I mean, who am I kidding? It is because I am in Africa that I spend a good deal of time… Continue reading

Dressed for FW14/15 in… Balmain

Balmain Ready-to-Wear FW14/15 collection is definitely one of those that keeps you wishing. With an intricate design, extremely detail oriented, combining knit with fur, leather and animal prints, this was one of the… Continue reading


A while ago Harper’s Bazaar recommended 10 Fashion Illustrators to follow on Instagram. That caught my interest and I decided to take a closer look at each of them and try to understand… Continue reading

Big Suprises in Mini shapes

Next week, and after a lovely event, this Saturday, hosted by Fuji I will have more to tell you on this adorable, cute and mini camera. If I were you, I would keep a close eye.… Continue reading