Cara quits modelling. What does it really mean?

Cara Delevingne has made a name for herself, almost kicking off the map her stylish sister Poppy. Top brands, designers, photographers and magazines wanted this young and beautiful woman with strong features, so… Continue reading

Monday Look: Lazzy Sunday Tee

“That’s why I’m easy, Easy like Sunday morning” I always loved this song and loved this simple sentence means. So when I spotted a tee saying “Wanna Lazy Sunday… with Me?” I couldn’t… Continue reading

Model Nykhor Paul “Shouts Out” to the fashion industry

My skin complexion is not light enough to be a problem nor dark enough to be a problem. I call it the perfect caramel tone. This means that it is quite easy for… Continue reading

Jane Birkin and Hermès: is this the end of an icon?

Having a clear mind on what you stand for is key to whatever you do in life. Jane Birkin is the living proof of that and her statement this week confirmed her iconic essence.… Continue reading

Can we talk about (too) shorts?

Last week I walked around the city a lot. It’s summer, it’s sunny and it’s hot. Perfect weather for shorts. Especially because with the latest style trends you can go from boho to… Continue reading

Making a 3 month absence story short!

If you come often to my blog, you noticed my absence. If it is your first time, it is my hope you will come more often. The last three months had several set… Continue reading

 “Find the One Bra” Disney inspired add by Triumph 

As a little girl I remember watching Disney movies, learning the songs and singing them everywhere. As I grew up, little has changed. The stories and songs kept on being party of my… Continue reading

Save the & BVLGARI | STOP. THINK. GIVE. Campaign

Not sure I have shared here that I am also a translator. Lately I have been doing mostly fashion, retail, jewelry and watches related translations and a few days ago I worked on… Continue reading

Blogger with a stolen laptop? What to do next!

It sucks! The moment I realized my laptop was gone, that someone had entered my car simply to steal it, along with my favorite sparkly blazer, my favorite grey dress, my makeup bag,… Continue reading


We arrived at Museu da Marinha (National Navy Museum) in a perfect sunny Sunday for AWAY TOMARS and NAIR XAVIER show. Both collection cause quite the impact thanks to the choice of fabrics,… Continue reading