Inspiration: Beauty in a wrinkle

During Lisbon Fashion Week there was a lot of fuss around a beautiful woman that opened the runway show. With a fantastic healthy body she was not, nor meant to, be a model. Smilingly and gracefully she walked down impressing all. Unfortunately her no-model-figure turned into a huge thing and blew out of proportion.

Now, I tend to refrain from making yet another post on something that was said, re-said and re-re-said and even made it to the cover of Portuguese Vogue December issue, But I do not refrain from thinking. 

Thinking about what we, Humanity, consider being beautiful. I look again and again, and what I found is that Beauty is getting lost in the silicone, the botox, the face lifts, the assortment of tucks, adjustments, corrections and elimination of “imperfections”.

Even though I am not against aesthetic surgery, I can’t help but wonder what will the next 50 years bring. What will women look like? How will they carry themselves?

I went on and thought about women that have inspired me over the years, women I look up to. One of the things they have in common are the wrinkles. They have aged and left time play its role. Their faces tell a story of ownership of themselves, their looks, their age.


At a time where it is so easy to get lost, swallowed by what the world says we should look like, wear, be or even say, there has to be an unquestionable recognition for those that stand tall and proud of whatever life was, wherever it took them and whoever they became.

Today what inspires me and what I leave you with is Beautiful women with beautiful wrinkles. The one in the middle is beauty and elegance icon Audrey Hepburn.

There is Perfection in the imperfection.

There is Beauty in accepting who you are, what you are and let Time tell a story in your eyes and your face.

Don’t hide it. Don’t hide You.



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