Can we talk about (too) shorts?

Last week I walked around the city a lot. It’s summer, it’s sunny and it’s hot. Perfect weather for shorts. Especially because with the latest style trends you can go from boho to chic in a heartbeat, sometimes even both.

But when are shorts too short?

image (1)

Being a shorts lover myself there are only 3 Don’ts you should pay attention to:
If we can see your butt cheeks, those are no longer shorts, they are underwear,

2. If we can see your legs changing color, they are too tight and that is not your size,

3. If we can see your underwear, those are your beach shorts not something to take to work.

Thinking I am old-fashioned or a prude? Not at all. Just a “Hey Girl” alert to avoid some fashion faux-pas that can lead to guys approaching you in a less than appropriate way simply because you gave them the wrong signals.

Leaving you with three ideas of how to pull it off  in a cool, sexy and classy way.

Thank you for reading me, 

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