Jane Birkin and Hermès: is this the end of an icon?

Having a clear mind on what you stand for is key to whatever you do in life. Jane Birkin is the living proof of that and her statement this week confirmed her iconic essence.

In 1984 Jane Birkin expressed her bag-concerns in a causal conversation with then Chairman of the House, Louis Dumas. It became an instant classic and one of the most coveted items ever with a waiting list of its own.

Birkin Bags - Hermès

So much so, that even tv series referenced this Birkin-madness. Who can forget the fabulous Samantha Jones in the episode were she plays her PR for Lucy Liu card to get ahead on the list and receive her very own red Birkin (here)?

This week, at the age of 68, Jane Birkin reminds us why her thoughts were heard in the first place.

Unhappy with how reptiles are being treated in order to meet the mass production requirements of the industry, she has requested that Hermès un-baptises the bag, meaning that Birkin should no longer be its name, until there is a significant change in the way animal are treated.

Let me make two very quick remarks.

Fantastic example of standing by what you belief. Jane Birkin has shown why, after all these years, her iconic glow still shines bright.

As for a change of behavior towards the use of animal skin or fur, I find that, in spite of the increasing number of brands working with non-animal and sustainable materials, this change of paradigm is a hard one to get.

Still, let us keep on wishing, dreaming and fighting for the dreams we want to see becoming a reality. If Jane Birkin does it, why can’t it.

But just before I go, how far would you go for what you believe in?


Thank you, Petra