#PortugalFashion Day 2 | Part 3 | Daniela Barros & Hugo Costa

The day came to an end with the following designers: DANIELA BARROS As much as I love national fashion and national designers, I have to admit I love to see a collection where… Continue reading

#PortugalFashion Day 2 |Part 2 | Susana Bettencourt & Estelita Mendonça

After a short break to go backstage and talk to designers and get a closer look and feel of the clothes and fabrics, the show went on. This is what we were shown… Continue reading

#PortugalFashion| Day 2 | Carla Pontes & Mafalda Fonseca

I arrived at Porto and headed to the Ipanema Park Hotel where I was warmly welcomed. If you have never been to Portugal, I have to stress how wonderful people from the North… Continue reading

#PortugalFashion… Here I come!

It has been a busy week but finally I get to take the train to beautiful Porto and enjoy the fashion scene in a city that is so special to me. /Foi uma… Continue reading

Portugal Fashion Sprinkle | 22-25 October

October is definitely the month for Portuguese Fashion. Designers show off their collections – and I mean this in the most positive and respectful way – and share with us what they have… Continue reading

Oscar de la Renta | Loss of an Icon

With an open smile and a handful of talent, Oscar de la Renta, an incredible and worldwide recognized designer died yesterday in NYC at the age of 82, after a lifetime of creation… Continue reading

Eddy Anemian | H&M Design Award 2014

“I cut up floral fabric I found from the ’80s and recomposed it to make a new textured, striped material. From there I began to imagine the shapes that would work on a… Continue reading

Chris Nicholls: Fashion Photography&Illustration

Over the last months I have been looking with a good deal of interest towards Fashion Illustrators. This is a job that is remarkably more common in the USA or UK than it… Continue reading

Chanel and Gisele

Long is day when perfume ads where just little something that lasted 1 minute and was there to simply fill the blanks. Oh no! Now making a perfume ad is almost as special… Continue reading

5 Tips to get your inspiration back

Yesterday I was sitting in front of my computer, I wrote 3 different posts and I published zero. Something wasn’t quite right. Me, most likely. There are days, whatever your work is, where… Continue reading