Wedding Look under €40

Last Sunday I had a cocktail wedding and considering this is a wedding season, I wanted to share my look and give you an idea of how to look great without spending a… Continue reading

Beauty: Showing off your Lips!

I have full lips! And I love them! My chinese friend in Utrecht used to call them “Angelina Jolie Lips”, in Brasil they call it “Bocão” (big mouth/lips), in Portugal they are “African”.… Continue reading

Print takes a new Road by Elisabeth LeCourt

The word Print has been on everybody’s lips, on every magazine and every blog these last seasons. Today, however, I want to share something I stumbled upon a while ago. An artistic approach… Continue reading

Me&My Maxi Pleated

In spite of the cloudy day, I could not resist having a mini photo shoot to show off my gorgeous pleated skirt. A must-watch, must-have and must-follow trend, the maxi has conquered the… Continue reading

Surprises on their way…

It was hard to make a choice, but we are getting ready to show you what your Confashionista was up to with the talented Marta José (photographer at Dreamaker) and Ana Luísa (blogger… Continue reading

HAIR FUSION: Because I’m worth it!

After moving around from city to city, I realized how important it is to find the right hairdresser. Some faux-pas behind me, and back in Lisbon, a dear friend brought me to the talented… Continue reading

The B in Burberry

It is undeniable that the success of a Fashion House is directly connected to their Creative Director/Designer. We have seen it happening over and over again. What we don’t always see or know… Continue reading


In Fashion, as we move forward, it is inevitable to look back, study the old traditions, the history of clothing and finding inspiration in the past, in cultures, in traditions. Perhaps that is… Continue reading

Yves Saint Laurent

On Monday’s we go to the movies, so this post couldn’t be a better opening for this week. It is not the first time, and perhaps it won’t be the last, that a… Continue reading

Skirts: Mini, Midi, Maxi… and More!

Every season there is THE item that guarantees that no matter where you go, what accessories you put on, or what hairstyle&makeup you go for, it will make you shine. Do you know… Continue reading