(Con)Fashion(ista) Partner in Crime for Doce para o meu Doce

Wondering what this means? Easy! Clique on the link below and you will get all the insight you need. Sem perceber bem o que isto significa? Fácil! Basta clicar no link abaixo para saber tudo! Doce para o meu Doce. Love Petra, the… Continue reading


Over the past weeks my email has been bombarded with DIESEL related content: new men’s collection, new women’s collection, runway show in Venice and more! When I was ready to write about all something… Continue reading

Hefty Bags. A must-follow-trend to follow?

In a few months it will be the 2nd anniversary of The Confashionary and as the months went by in this love relationship – because trust me it requires a good amount of love… Continue reading

1 Month. 31 Days. 31 Kisses in images. Joy!

For the past 4 years I have lived abroad but the last months I have been in my country. One would think it is the easiest thing. Coming home, being with friends and… Continue reading

Who can resist a Perfect Cupcake?

I have a dear friend that often asks me: “What do you see that is so alluring about cupcakes?”  Hum. Truth is, I find it hard to explain because it is not just… Continue reading

Já ouviu falar de MAKE B.?

Não se sintam mal, eu também não tinha ouvido falar. Mas estou aqui para garantir que ficam a par de toda a informação e assim começamos a semana com dicas de beleza para… Continue reading

FIRST KISS. Remember yours?

20 strangers. Put together. To share a 1st kiss. how often are we put in that situation? the unexpected, the uncomfortable? and for that matter when was the last time you had, shared a… Continue reading

“Shot” by Sónia Ramalho at Moda Lisboa VISION!

People say every now and then we need some pampering. So we go to Spas, we get a massage, a mani or pedi – or both -, depending on our credit card availability… Continue reading


The last day is here. The Abba sang it and Madonna re-sang it “Time goes by, so slowly!” When it come to Fashion Weeks, we’d need them to make us a new song,… Continue reading

ModaLisboa | Day 2 – Do you have the VISION?

Day 1 goes by so fast, the encounter with old friends from previous season, picking up your credentials, finding the new organization and learning who are the new sponsors… Yes! Next thing you… Continue reading