Next on H&M… Maison Martin Margiela

2004 was the year of illumination for H&M when it hit them that collaborations with designers was the way to go.

9 years later, the moment of inspiration has proved, over and over again, that we should definitely follow the light as it might lead us to heaven!

This year we are looking forward to – with anticipation and excitement – the Maison Martin Margiela collab with H&M. We know what to expect, what the items will be, it’s all over the blogs, the magazines, the streets. Still, the November 15th is marked in red in our calendars; I know it is on mine! The anxiety is there and money was saved up to shower ourselves in MMM glam!

MMM fans all over are warming to be in lines; getting elbow protection to the shove people off their way; practicing a lioness face in front of the mirrors to get everyone’s hands off their long coveted piece and finally, saving up that space in our wrists for the bracelets, our shoulders to carry the MMM exclusive bags around with the pride that only candy clutches, plexi shoes and belt jackets can give.

You don’t believe me? Take a look!

Fabulous, isn’t it?! The long boots with transparent heels, it’s like walking on air! I want them!

My favorites look? Well, my style is all about layers and combination of fabrics, so these 3 looks would be winning items to add to my closet!

Let us see which ones will I get my hands on. If any. This is promising to be quite a fight!

Who will win? Stay tuned!