Blogger with a stolen laptop? What to do next!

It sucks!
The moment I realized my laptop was gone, that someone had entered my car simply to steal it, along with my favorite sparkly blazer, my favorite grey dress, my makeup bag, oh man! I was in shock.

I kept on looking inside the car hoping that somehow all my treasures where still there, just hiding for me. (Guess this is the Toy Story side of me!)

Nope. Gone. Stolen. Adios.

I cried for a while and cried the next day at the police station thinking “No Officer, it is not about the computer, it’s my life and the stories I had there, my pictures, my ideas, my blog projects… Me! I was in there.”

Now that the tears have dried up and my brain got the “So long lovely laptop” memo, I am looking forward to the next (re)creation phase.

Next week I will be meeting a fantastic designer and all I can say is:
It is never too late to start over. And sometimes that is the smartest thing you could ever do.

New computer, new design, new space. Off I go!
But Life, no more stolen items, ok?