Hail Color was the Theme.
Suffering, pious, widowed and mourning women were the Subject.
Life versus Death, Hope versus Abandonment was the Message.

It is not the first time that Dino Alves brings society, beliefs and stereotypes to the runway. With his intense and heartfelt vision of the world around him, he attempts to translate that into intricate outfits. However, as beautiful and moving as this idea might be, it is the unquestionable success of it that makes it a powerful collection.

That was not entirely the case, in my opinion.
The bar was set high when Press and Guests were notified that only all black dressed audience could attend the show. We had no idea what to expect, but were excited to discover.
It all started with the sound of church bells as women and men dressed in black from “Hat” to Toe connected us all. Audience and Models part of one show. But not soon enough, burgundy, dark green, made the runway, followed by stripes and bright candy colors.

The construction seemed week and, for such an experienced designer, I felt disappointed.

The way I see it, the message, and a great one – relief from pain, embracing life, no self punishment – was there but the styling, the shawls and hats, the fringes, the corsets like high waisted pants were dated; the color choice was too cartoony resembling a Tim Burton poorly constructed movie wardrobe. There were just too many wrong thing or good ideas put poorly together.

Dino Alves has the vision, the concept, the creativity and the soul of an artist that is conscious of the reality around him, all the qualities that I have been missing in several designers. However, and like in so many things in life – if not everything – it is all in the details. In fashion it’s the execution, the fabrics, the lines, the colors. If those fail, the best idea won’t see the light of success.

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