ModaLisboa Curiouser | Day 1 | Ricardo Andrez

Ricardo Andrez is a designer that always causes me mixed feelings during his shows.
I fall madly in love with some things but others I simply can’t understand or see his vision.
Today, however, the detail, execution and clean looks he presented clearly surprised me. Navy and midnight blue, red and burgundy, caramel and camel were the colors of choice. The details?
Transparencies, buttons, oversized blouses, sweaters and jackets. What blew me away? The men skirt full look. Beautifully made in such a stylish way that you can see a real man wearing it.
Clearly, his collection is Made in Portugal but not Made for Portugal. However, and for a while now, it has been clear that Andrez’s market is the Asian one, in particular Japan, where shapes and forms, sizes and lengths are played with and explored actively.
For the first time I can say I liked his work and the story he told with his collection made sense to all that paid attention.

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