The Proposal by Cartier – How romantic are you?

Even though I am extremely romantic, I am not exactly a fan of Valentine’s Day. I mean, sure, it is great to have a day dedicated to love, however, the romantic in me falls for the surprises, for the unexpected moments, for the days where love does not Have To be celebrated and… it is.

Paris, the city of love. Diamonds the symbol of eternal love. Seems obvious, still the famous brand Cartier has a message that goes beyond that.

The Proposal, a beautiful campaign that is not about the classic engagement ring, it is not about the diamond and it is not about the proposal. It is, quite simply, about love and how there is not time, place, age limit that prevents us from ever expressing how much we love someone.

This video is for the romantics. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s or not.

Love, Petra

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