When in Africa… Style:Turban

I have been in Angola for 4 weeks now and this experience has exceeded my expectation in more ways than I thought. It has been interesting and liberating to explore other concepts, in particular creative ones. Headbands, turbans, traditional dresses, all has been making more sense to be tried on, used, explored.

The next photos you will see are simple, taken with my iPad, in saturated black and white, because strangely enough in the middle of all the colors and sounds that stimulate my senses constantly, it made sense to capture the calm and quite I felt there. 

AT_B&W_10 AT_B&W_1 AT_B&W_8 AT_B&W_4 Africa_Turban_J2 Africa_Turban_J1




All clothes and accessories are African fabrics and materials.

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