Looking Back on 2014… Gratitude.

2014 was a tough year. It challenged me in more ways than I can write down in this post, and it made me constantly ask this question:

How bad do you really want it?

Wanting to start a career in Fashion Journalism in one of the publications I feel most inspired by, I created this space to write my vision of the fashion industry, and through the blog I got truly wonderful opportunities, like:

Working with Frances Ortiz from The Fashion Hive (NYC) as a Fashion Correspondent. Writing for TREND Magazine Style, Trends and Shopping sections. Collaborating with H&M and creating fantastic mini-editorials (see them here, here, here and here) thanks to the talent of dear friends Marta José – Dreamaker and Ana Luísa – Starling Film. Photoshoots for Parfois with beautiful photographer and friend Joana Valente (see here). Attending Lisbon Fashion Week as International Press, live for TFH and Portugal Confidential and having lovely Sónia Ramalho shooting me on the beautiful Terreiro do Paço (see here). Covering Portugal Fashion in Porto for We Trend for Shoes for Patrícia Valério. Collaborating closely with the inspiring entrepreneur and style icon Raquel Prates for her brand UP Boutique.

Yes, it was a year of positive connections. A year where what I want to do became as clear as what I don’t want to do, a year I realized that if I don’t stand up for myself, no one will. It was a year of change, of new beginnings, of every day struggle. For all of you who are thinking of changing your life, your career, your journey, know this:

It is hard as hell. Not all days I came to write a post I felt like it, but the goal in my mind kept me going forward.

Why did I do this? There will be oh-so-many days you will ask yourself this question and you will want to give up, but then something will happen that will make you get back on the horse. Take it!

Misleading visibility. It is easy to mistaken being humble and willing to learn with accepting every crappy offer thrown at you for the sake of “visibility and promotion of your work”. Remember that quality has a value. Know yours and set your worth! Sometimes No is the right answer for the sake of being free to say Yes to better things.

Change is difficult. So is having faith, being inspired, keeping your passion alive. On the day of my last photoshoot for H&M my friend, who once changed her life completely said this “It was hard. But it was worth it. Incredibly worth it.” I hold on to that and to all the people I know that live a brave life.

Believe that 2015 will be better not because of the whole “new year, new life” promises, but because of yourself. And if what you are today does not quite get you where you want to be, figure out what you need to do or learn, and go after it. That is what I am doing.

Thank you for being around in 2014. Stay for 2015.

Love, Petra