Inspiration: Sizeless Beauty

When I was about 11 years old, people at school used to make fun of my full lips. I remember one day coming home and crying as I told my mother that I hated my lips. Why was I not like the other girls? My mother, in all her wisdom showed me different images of different women considered beautiful. Each one of us perceives beauty in a different way and what society says beauty is in one decade might change dramatically to the next.

Little did I know how much that would be true.

Nowadays, a full body, round shapes, big butts have become something women look forward to having. We are beginning to accept that being beautiful is simply being Myself!

Cass Bird, a talented photographer, has an editorial being showcased at “The Best Lingerie comes in all sizes” Simple black and white images of women and their bodies, their sizes and shapes.

PlusSize_Lingerie(CassBird)_3 PlusSize_Lingerie(CassBird)_4 PlusSize_Lingerie(CassBird)_5 PlusSize_Lingerie(CassBird)_6 PlusSize_Lingerie(CassBird)_7 PlusSize_Lingerie(CassBird)_8 PlusSize_Lingerie(CassBird)_9 PlusSize_Lingerie(CassBird)_10 PlusSize_Lingerie(CassBird)_11 PlusSize_Lingerie(CassBird)_12 PlusSize_Lingerie(CassBird)_13 PlusSize_Lingerie(CassBird)_14

So much has been said about this topic, I won’t go on and on with clichés we all have heard before. But I will say this: I was still young when I accepted the way I looked, my skin color, my full lips, my round shapes and my curves and it made all the difference to become the woman I am today.  

Thank you, Mom!

photo credits: All rights reserved to Cass Bird and
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