Black Friday is here!

In case you are wondering what Black Friday is…

this is the day after Thanksgiving and when the Christmas shopping season starts.

Now that you are clear on what this day is about, let me share with you how can you benefit from it – in case you don’t know. All over Lisbon shops have discounts, some starting (and staying) at 20% off others pushing it a bit higher. How can you benefit from it?


Must-haves: See that list of FW things you wanted? Perfect time to get some of them. Secret tip: leave the more expensive ones for your Christmas list.

Christmas shopping: If you know what you are going to get for Mom, Dad, Sister and Boyfriend, this is the time.

Be focused: Set the shops you want to visit and exactly what you want to buy. Otherwise you’ll get distracted. 

Other than the street shops, most of online shops have great deals you should take advantage too. So take a notebook and a pen, make your list if you don’t have one, grab a tea-cup and go ahead. 

Having said all of that, just one note:

Be thankful for what you have and manage your budget wisely. As for your wardrobe, before buying new things, check what you already have and what you really (I mean, really) need.

Christmas is way more than presents, so get meaningful things for the ones you love. 



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