Style: 6 Sneakers Fall Looks for you

Right before highschool I was the closest you’d get to a Miss Sports. I was involved in pretty much every and any sports my school had. So sneakers were a big part of my wardrobe choices. Then I grew up to loving heels. Who can blame me, right?

But the fashion industry keeps moving forward and in that movement old things become new trends and items that were associated to a specific look become a statement piece of any look. That is precisely what happened with sneakers. Brands have definitely pushed the envelope and made them stand out.

Ripped or boyfriend jeans, leather pants, shorts or skirts make them as part of your look as any other piece you put on. And if you are running out of ideas, here are a few.

These were some of the looks I loved. You can see how in same cases the color of the sneakers matches the top or brings up the color of the headpiece, or makes the simple maxi dress casual but full of style. Be creative in making something as comfortable as a pair of sneakers the capital S in your style.

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