Instax Mini 8 Party Day in Lisbon

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It was both with pleasure and with surprise that I welcomed the invitation to join fellow Portuguese and Spanish bloggers in the celebration of Fuji Film latest product. A small and compact camera that gives you tiny Polaroid photos. Easy to use, easy to carry, in pastel colors or solid black, this has become a true favorite among photography lovers.

If you are wondering if this post is a “paid” post or if all of us invitees were offered a lovely camera to take home, let me answer that with No and No. Surprisingly (for many who made sure to complain) this was “just” a fun night for brands and bloggers to get together.

Thank you Fuji Film, NiT (New in Town – online magazine) and Nyos (swimwear brand) for making sure our Saturday night was in Maxi fun with a Min cam.


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