Mary Katrantzou x Adidas Originals

It is no secret that the sporty look has left the fields and tracks and conquered the streets. Street style blogs bring evidence to the fact that sports apparel have made it to high fashion brands and high fashion designers. That was precisely the case with Mary Katrantzou‘s partnership with adidas Originals.

The talented greek designer, queen of graphic print, was invited to create a capsule collection that brought the K to adidas Original and was presented for the first time at the 24 Hours of Fashion event by Net-a-Porter. The best thing of collaborations between talented designers and well established brands is that when they get together, none of them is lost on the other’s identity.

And because the revival of sneakers are making them the new ready-to-wear stilettos (don’t kill me for saying this), both Katrantzou and adidas Originals made sure this capsule would be from head to toe. Literally.

I have been a fan this designer for quite a while, as an earlier post clearly shows it Here, and this new work just “laced up” this love.

If you could have any of these, which one would you pick?

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