For rainy days, stylish Boots

One of the best things about Summer is being able to wear heels, flats, wedges, sandals and literally everything that brings everyone’s eyes to your feet. You can play with colors, shapes and details, after all, it is Summer. But who said that Winter has to be exactly he opposite?


The first time I went to NY I understood why Miss Bradshaw could walk around the city, come rain come shine, in fabulous heels, the sidewalks are perfectly flat. If you are in Lisbon, the city of the 7 hills, with its fantastic cobblestone streets, heels can prove to be a tricky thing. More so if it is raining.

But how to pull of the Style card when it comes to winter boots? And what looks could you go for?

Well I went on a Boot-scout and found a few things that might catch your eye. Take a look and above all be creative!

FW14_Boots_Brown FW14_Boots_Black FW14_Boots_PrettyWoman FW14_Boots_Bold

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