Luís Onofre SS15 |The Shoemaker

If Sex&The City was in Portugal and Lisbon had its very own version of Carrie Bradshaw she would be wearing Luís Onofre shoes around town, and this would be the pair she would select.

I trust you agree with me. The great thing, or one of the many, about Luís Onofre is how distinctive his design is. You see, I attend a good number of fashion events and, naturally, what women wear from head-to-toe is certainly something that will get my attention. Quite often I see Onofre shoes walking around.

I had the pleasure to be at the official opening of his store in Lisbon, at Avenida da Liberdade and being surrounded by all those shoes I thought, again, about Miss Bradshaw. There some passions that are easy to understand. After all, who, in their right mind, can say no the elegant touch a perfect heel can give our outfit? Certainly not me and clearly not most women.

Last friday October 24th, Luís Onofre presented his Summer 2015 collection. Being there in representation of We Trend for Shoes, I had the chance and pleasure of going backstage and taking a look at what Luís Onofre was about to present. As usual, I was impressed with the elegance of his work. But it was the runway show, the music and the elegant models walking proudly on their shoes, I was blown away.

I would like to know which pair would you prefer, if not all.

Love, Petra

Photography Credits: Neusa Silva, the photographer and friend part of the WTFShoes team.

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