#PortugalFashion Day 4 | Wrapping up of a fashion week

The last day of a fashion week has this bitter-sweet feel to it. 

After several days and a good number of hours moving from place to place, up and downstairs, waiting for shows to begin and then running backstage to talk to the designers, you begin thinking about the day it will be over. When it does, it feels strange to say” Goodbye and see you next season!”

Day 4 started at Conservatório da Música do Porto. An inspiring and artistic space with a delicate light was the perfect stage for one of my favorite designers, Luís Buchinho. His collection honored the space and moved me deeply. Because I cannot just mention him by, a post will follow on the collection and how I perceived it. But here is a teaser shot.


After that we headed back to Alfandega do Porto where we spent most of the day with the last Bloom and Portuguese Fashion Design Schools‘ student collections coordinated by talented fashion designer Maria Gambina. Shoe collections followed with the familiar brands Dkode, Nobrand, Fly London, Goldmud by Alexandra Moura among others. 

Like in a true fashion week we moved around quite a lot. Heading to the Mosteiro where Nuno Baltazar and Miguel Vieira presented their lines and then returning to the Alfandega for the last two shows by Dielmar and Fátima Lopes.

Fashion Week in Porto was over. It is easy to think about it as just a place for people who love clothes and selfies. Being a fashion lover and follower has turned into something basic and almost common. It is a shame. You see, fashion weeks all over the world in the middle of all that “look at me and how trendy I am!” is for the designers and those that see fashion as an art form, a space of talent and inspiration, creativity and vision.

You come in expecting a lot and you leave with a lot on your mind. Good or bad, loving the collections or not, art, in any form, has the power to get inside of you, even when you are not paying attention.

Thank you Portugal Fashion Week. I hope to see you next year.