#PortugalFashion Day 3 | 16 Shows in 1 Post

Third day of Portugal Fashion was a long, long day.

I said it before and I say it again. As much fun as it is to attend a fashion week, it is much more busy than everyone thinks. Still, and here is the truth, when you are doing something you love – me being a case in point – time, exhaustion and everything else is well worth it.

From 4:30pm to 12:00am I ran up and downstairs non-stop from show to show. Great exercise! There was barely any time to go check and select photos to post on instagram, to upload videos on facebook and to keep the team I am working with in Italy up to speed with what was going on in sunny Porto. To avoid any delays, let me tour you through the fabulous Day 3 of the 35th Edition of Portugal Fashion.

The Bloom Designers

It is remarkable how, being so young, they seem to have already begin to find a strong voice of who they are as fashion designers. In spite of showing a significant amount of talent, there were cases like Pilar PastorJoão Rôla and Pedro Neto (no photos available yet but video on instagram), whose designs were simple and safe leaving the wow-factor behind; or Filipe Martinho and Teresa Abrunhosa which poor choice of fabric and old styling made their collections dated and, in some cases, too down-dressed. In Rita Gilman’s case, although I loved the palette and prints, I felt let down by how it was styled and, specially, with the too-loose details in the garments. Then again I was never a big fan of streetwear so I guess this is simply not my cup of fashion-tea. The ones that blew me away, without a doubt, were Catarina Santos and Eduardo Amorim. Loved the design, the edge, the colors. Again a strong North Europe/Asia inspired lines that are beautiful to see down the runway. I will write about these two in more detail in a later post.

For now, the photos.

The Usual Suspects

Where to begin?

Lets start with Júlio Trocato: an elegant and simple menswear collection, with a few details but not particularly surprising. However, and considering not all men (like women) are endowed with styling skills, I find it essential that male collections are for an audience that likes to keep it simple and this was certainly the case. 

Ricardo Preto is a designer I normally like, with a talent to enhance and make the most of the feminine silhouette. His collection, “Meam” was no stranger to that and we were presented with delicate and light options for the summer, almost like an embrace to the warm season. This collection was far more beautiful than the one Ricardo Preto presented at Moda Lisboa, in my opinion, so it was a pleasure to see him again.

Vicri, another menswear line, was under “The Hamptons” theme. Well I am not the queen of Hamptons but I was certainly not drawn to this particular place. Nevertheless, it was an interesting collection with a wide range of options, plenty of details and, even though in some cases I questioned what was the Man envisioned by the Vicri team, I believe this a collection that will suit several styles, occasions and men. A very cool touch was the motorcycle at the stage. Being a motorcycle fan, I loved it and wanted to take it home.

Katty Xiomara has her own post coming up with the incredibly beautiful collection she put up. Check it when it is online.

Diogo Miranda. Oh my! A designer that deserves a special and separate post, but that I could not neglect from mentioning now. He is, the way I see it, the closest we have to an official red carpet events dress-maker. The big ball gowns with all the details and appliqués are simply beautiful. My favorite part was at the end of the show when every women there told her friend “I love him!”. Well that is a pretty special thing, don’t you think? Sneak peek below.

The Lion of Porches collection is almost a tradition when it comes to Portugal Fashion. With a red-blue-white palette and a navy, classy sporty line, this is the brand that has, as far as I am concerned, the strongest target point of view I have seen. As the clothes come down the runway there is no mistake of who they are meant for. Check the looks and you will know what I am talking about.

The Shoe Master 

You might not know this, but Portugal has a strong line of shoe designers, factories and producers. If you want to know more go to the We Trend For Shoes pages I have been mentioning in previous posts and learn about what we do here. Luis Onofre is one of those great names. Talented, with a strong feminine awareness and incredibly elegant with a touch of Sex&The City, this is a designer that delivers, every single time, something to make us wanting. Summery, fresh and elegant, this was a runway show where our eyes were at his feet.

A later post with more photos and details will follow, but I wanted to leave you with a few images of his bag and clutch line as well. Which one do you want for your Summer holidays? 

Day 4 is about to start. I will keep you informed through videos and photos on my Instagram @confashionista and Facebook page Petra Confashionista. You can also check and follow WTFShoes and WTFFashion Facebook pages to see more and different photos.