All I want for summer is… Katty Xiomara | #PF Day3

Love at first sight? Yes, it exists and it happened at Katty Xiomara runway show.

Inspired by the 1960’s with the pixie dresses, the 1940’s with the midi skirts, the romantic blouses and light skirts were so my style that it seemed this talented designer had made a tour through my brain and found exactly what I love the most. If Summer started tomorrow, I would wear any of her dresses at any given time.

It started with models coming from the middle of the audience. They got up, faced the cameras and headed off the runway, leaving us wondering where would the next one come from.

Lights dimmed and quickly back on to start the rest of the show.

The collection:

The details:

The shoes:

Did you fall in love too? I hope so. I really did.

Day 4 is about to start. I will keep you informed through videos and photos on my Instagram @confashionista and Facebook page Petra Confashionista. You can also check and follow WTFShoes and WTFFashion Facebook pages to see more and different photos.