#PortugalFashion| Day 2 | Carla Pontes & Mafalda Fonseca

I arrived at Porto and headed to the Ipanema Park Hotel where I was warmly welcomed. If you have never been to Portugal, I have to stress how wonderful people from the North are, in particular, from Porto. The music in their accent, the smiles… I do love it! But this is not a travel blog, so back to fashion.
Day 2 was spent at the Palácio dos CTT where all 7 shows took place. In the next posts I will share my analysis and a few photos of each.
After at least two seasons of pleated maxi skirts and dresses, it seems unlikely that anyone can bring a fresh approach to this, literally, overdone piece. Anyone but Carla Pontes. 
A fresh and sporty collection named “Pli” presented loose, light and flowy looks that not only made sense as a collection, but also kept the appeal and freshness of something new. My favorite was  the plunged v-shape cut in the back, adding a feminine and even sensual touch to these dresses. 
I tend to avoid the neon colors, as trendy as they might be, and the lime tone chosen by Carla borders the neon-lime. Still, I imagine a sun-kissed skin making this color shine and exhale the freshness of citric fruits.
Pallet: teal grey, lime and white
Fabrics:  cotton, lyocell, jersey, pleated jersey, jacquard
Shoes: Check WTFShoes Official Page and Facebook for photos and details.
I have notice a trend in menswear collections: the over-oversized look. The clothes end up looking too big and, truth be told, no men wants to look like a kid playing dress up with their father’s clothes.
Mafalda Fonseca managed to keep the balance between loose-oversized and still keeping a clean, elegant and masculine look.
I am very particular when it comes to menswear, but I found several of the pieces quite appealing and could identify the designer’s vision and inspiration – textures and how they can be mixed or combined, leaving the comfort zone, journey outside the lines and the discovery of new path through nature – in the shapes, combination of colors and lines or prints, as well as the layers for a more organic feel.
On a last note, the shoes were quite appropriate for the collection and were designed by Mafalda Fonseca as well, giving each look and sense of a logical visual construction.
Palette: Beige, White, Blue, Burgundy 
Fabrics: no information available at the time of publishing (to be updated if possible)
Shoes: by the designer. Check WTFShoes Official Page and Facebook for photos and details.
More info on Portugal Fashion 35th Edition “SPRINLKE” on the upcoming posts. 
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