Portugal Fashion Sprinkle | 22-25 October

October is definitely the month for Portuguese Fashion. Designers show off their collections – and I mean this in the most positive and respectful way – and share with us what they have secretly been doing over the last few months. My journey this month started in Lisbon with Moda Lisba from 10-12 Oct. at Pátio da Galé, and I will head up to Porto from 22-25 to continue this adventure through Portuguese perception of what Spring-Summer 2015 will look like.

Bellow is the line up of the 35th Portugal Fashion Edition “Sprinkle”.



Tradition says that the first day takes place in Lisbon. Tradition remains. On the 22nd Fashion will, once again, bring together those that, like me, follow closely what is being done in this industry here in Portugal.

Important to note, this will be my first time at Portugal Fashion. It is even more special because I was asked by Patrícia Valério, a friend and a colleague, to cover the event for We Trend For Shoes (WTFShoes) and WTFFashion. Check their websites Here and Here to know what they are about. Naturally I was happy to say yes to WTFShoes request and collaborate with a brand and a team I strongly believe in.

This also means that this time, I will be focusing a little bit more on shoes than usual. Who can blame me, right? After all, a new pair of shoes can take you a long way, even further if Made in Portugal!

Love, Petra

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