Eddy Anemian | H&M Design Award 2014

“I cut up floral fabric I found from the ’80s and recomposed it to make a new textured, striped material. From there I began to imagine the shapes that would work on a woman’s body.” The words of Eddy Anemian, a 24 year-old designer who won the H&M 2014 Design Award.

It is not the first time a designer says that the fabrics inspired them, that it spoke to them and through its texture, color, density, the shapes came alive. However this time it is a considerably young designer speaking the words of great masters of this ever evolving industry. Not only did Anemian listen to the fabrics words, he spoke their language and created beautifully inspired shapes, volumes and silhouettes with such fabrics. Tilda Swinton in I Am Love and the french painter Ingres made the final look for his vision of a Women’s Fall Collection.

To give you some additional background: Every year H&M gives a Design Award to recently graduated fashion designers. These young talents have the opportunity to showcase their work at Stockholm Fashion Week, which grants them an unquestionable amount of brand awareness, and, the lucky winner gets €50.000 and limited pieces to be sold at H&M Stores. This is what I would call a great kick-career-forward.

Not sure yet if his collection will be available in Portuguese H&M Stores, but I will keep an eye and inform you.