Chris Nicholls: Fashion Photography&Illustration

Over the last months I have been looking with a good deal of interest towards Fashion Illustrators. This is a job that is remarkably more common in the USA or UK than it is in Portugal. Quite unfortunately considering that we do have talented illustrators among us. It is also not surprising – or should it be? – that most illustrators are women. But to that topic I will come back later, sharing with you some of the names that are impressing the industry and examples of their beautiful work.

After an inspiredless past week, and keeping in mind how valuable collaborations are in the fashion industry, I start this new week with one.

Chris Nicholls’ fur editorial for Fashion Magazine took a different route. Nicholls combined his own art – Photography – with Illustration by the talented hands of Jamie Lee Reardin. The model was Kelly Mittendorf and the results speak for themselves.

ChrisNicholls_2 ChrisNicholls_8 ChrisNicholls_3 ChrisNicholls_7 ChrisNicholls_4 ChrisNicholls_6 ChrisNicholls_5

Starting Monday with inspiration and creative partnerships is certainly the motto for this new week.

Have a great one yourself.

Love, Petra