MadameFigaro: i-mad Issue 37 Online Creativity


It is undeniable that nowadays magazines need to combine a strong online presence and identity to their print identity in order to survive. Still, it is far from easy to include the same level of creativity in both versions, while understanding and exploring the online options to constantly surprise your readers.

For nearly 2 years I have been following, and buying, Madame Figaro. Beautifully written, with a specific fashion voice and a clear journalistic identity. It is a source of inspiration for my articles and above all, for my brain.

Issue 37 of the online version surprised me: an interactive cover where the reader colors it as its fingers is passed on every part of the screen. Quite brilliant! Like a child, I was excited and eager to see what would happen next and the surprises continued with a beautiful photo shoot by talented photographer JR with the Ballet dancers from Ópera National de Paris at the rooftop of the Opera House. Here is the beautiful and inspiring result.

MF_Issue37_2 MF_Issue37_3 MF_Issue37_7b MF_Issue37_6b MF_Issue37_9 MF_Issue37_5 MF_Issue37_10


Photography credits: JR Art and Madame Figaro Online