What caught my eye at ParisFW?

It would have to be CHANEL.



For a few years now I have been questioning the planning behind a catwalk show, behind a collection’s message and what it entails to be a fashion designer. It is, or is should be as I have said over and over again, more than trends, colors and prints. If we look back at the decades between 1920-1980 (to go not so backwards) it is easy to understand that the clothes men and women put on meant something, said something about themselves and their beliefs.

The blandness and softness we have been experiencing at runway shows, where it seems that the hard work behind the vision, creation and presentation of a collection goes as far as to get the “pretty” or “trendy” stamp of approval, has made me wonder if any of that drive and passion that got Coco Chanel a voice was in Mute Mode.

Karl Lagerfeld, in charge of the Chanel House has proved that it isn’t. That fashion still goes hand in hand with the politics, with what is happening around the world. Whether or not you are a feminist, I will refrain from discussing that now, it is impossible to be indifferent to this statement.

Once again, Fashion and Humanity join forces!

Thank you, Mr. Lagerfeld!