St. John NY. A 5th Ave. experience.

People say New York is the city where anything and everything can happen. I don’t know what your opinion is, but as far as I am concerned this couldn’t be closer to the truth.

Yesterday I walked around 5th Avenue with my beautiful godchild Julia (while Mom and Dad went for the Rockefeller top view) and introduced her to all the exquisite labels this avenue hosts. We went in and out of every store and her little hands clapped at the wonderful clothes I showed her (yes, that is fashionista in the making).
We finally stopped in front of the St. John door and the security man opened it for us.
“Good afternoon Miss. There is a private event taking place.”</em>
(Now I could see it, all the fancy people with their champagne flutes)
“Oh!”, I
said, ready to pull my stroller and myself out of there.
“Well, you are with the baby and stroller, so please come in!”
“Thank you”, I replied, toning down my surprise and excitement.

And just like that, Julia and I made it to our first fashion event, right on 5th Ave. I can’t get much better than that.

Yes, this is a city of dreams, of hopes and passions. It is a city where fashion, art, culture, business is all around you. It is a city you need to embrace, to love, because NY is a tough lover, you can’t fool her, you can’t expect her to just give and make it happen for you. Now, if you put your heart and soul in this romance, it will happen.
Actually, it just did!

Love from NY, sitting on a fire escape stair on 11th Street20140919-125909-46749451.jpg


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